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Welcome to Concealed Carry San Angelo!         Will Meet all local prices.


 Welcome to Concealed Carry San Angelo. This is your first step towards personal protection through concealed or openly carry.  You might ask yourself, why should I carry a handgun?  The answer is very simple, it is your right.  You have the right to protect yourself, your family and your property from criminals. In this day and time, personal protection is a must.  Crime is on the rise and it is almost impossible to watch the news without seeing a story about a robbery, assault, rape, kidnapping or murder.  Unfortunately, the law officers can not be everywhere at one time to combat the criminals.  Why take that chance?  If you are in a situation that threatens you or your family's safety, the handgun that you carry in your holster, pocket or purse may be your only hope.  No one ever wants to have to draw their handgun on a criminal but no one ever wants to be put in the position to have to make that decision either.  At least you will have the option, if you carry.  Isn’t it time for you to have protection through concealment or open carry?

         My goal at Concealed Carry San Angelo is to teach law abiding citizens the laws that relate to concealed and open carry, the use of force and deadly force, non violent dispute resolutions, proper storage practices for handguns, handgun safety, handgun usage and handgun proficiency.  With the use of power point presentations, classroom visuals and open discussions, we make the learning process interesting and knowledgeable.  Concealed Carry San Angelo is based in San Angelo, Texas.  Currently, classes are held at my home and proficiency  is held at San Angelo Gun Range.  I will also travel throughout Tom Green and surrounding counties if you would like to have a private or corporate class of 10 or more.  I offer gift certificates that make perfect gifts for the gun enthusiast in your life.   Contact CCSA for more details.

Jimmy Randall Shupe - Texas Department of Public Safety Certified LTC Instructor

  I grew up in Clyde, Texas.  Throughout my youth, I was an avid firearm enthusiast and a hunter.  Once I graduated from high school, I moved to California for 12 years (84-96) upon returning to Texas I decided to get my handgun license for personal protection of myself, family, property and others that may not be able to protect themselves from criminals. Seeing the importance of concealed carry, I became a Texas DPS Certified Handgun Instructor in 1997 to certify citizens so they will not be a victim of a crime. I am also a National Rifle Association Certified Pistol Instructor.

 I am currently employed as a Biomedical Engineering Tech at Shannon Medical Center  




What is a Texas License To Carry handgun license?

A License To Carry  (LTC) allows an individual to carry a concealed handgun or a openly carry (belt or should holster) a handgun where ever it is legal to do so.

Why take a LTC carry class?

Even if you do not intend to carry a firearm, if you own one in the State of Texas, attending this class will furnish you the necessary knowledge of the Texas laws regarding weapons, the use of force and the use of deadly force.

The only way to get a LTC in the state of Texas is to take an approved LTC class. In the class you will learn the laws associated with carrying a concealed or open handgun, gain the knowledge necessary to legally carry a handgun in Texas, the seven basics of shooting and demonstrate your proficiency with your firearm. The possession of a LTC will also exempt you from the necessary background check when purchasing a firearm, making the process quicker and easier.