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                                                   Steps to Get Your LTC

Steps to Get Your Texas LTC / CHL
Please note that these steps apply to most applicants, but uncommon situations may require additional or different steps.

Step 1: Eligibilty

Are you eligible?

Steps 2 and 3 can be completed in any order.

Step 2: Registar for LTC Class

You can complete the application and fingerprints after class.

Register Online to register online to take the license to carry a handgun (LTC) class taught in person by an instructor at Concealed Carry San Angelo, in San Angelo Texas.

What is the cost? Our fee includes range fees and targets. Our class fee is different from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) processing fee.

$70 Initial Class
$60 Active Duty 

Step 3: Apply to Texas DPS

Apply Online
Click here  to fill out the Texas DPS online state application.

What is the cost? The Texas DPS processing fee is different from our class fee.

$40 Standard Fee for Initial License
$25 Military Veteran - ETS or Retired over 365 days
$0 Active Duty - Includes Active Guard, Texas State Guard & Reserves

You must complete Step 3 BEFORE

Step 4 and Step 6.
Step 4: Submit Fingerprints

Schedule Online
Click here to schedule and complete your fingerprinting. 

Service Code: 119Q91

What is the cost?

$10 to IdentoGO®

Step 5: Gather LTC Supporting Documents
Once you successfully complete the class, save the LTC / CHL class completion certificate (LTC-100 / CHL-100 / LTC-101) you receive from us.

Documents you need to submit to Texas DPS if you are any of the following:

Foreign born
If you were born outside of the United States of America (U.S.), submit a copy of one of the following documents:

U.S. Passport,
Certificate of Naturalization, or
Certificate of Birth Abroad.
Veteran / Separated Service Member
If you are a prior service member, submit a copy of your DD 214 (copy of "Member 4" / "long" / "unedited" / "undeleted").

Active Duty or Reserve Service Member
If you are Active Duty, Active Reserve, or National Guard, submit a copy of your Military ID (front and back) and one of the following documents:

Copy of current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES),
Copy of current active duty orders,
Copy of current enlistment contract, or
Letter from your current commanding officer.
Not a Texas Resident / Out of state
Submit a copy of your state drivers license or identification card in color (front and back).

Law Enforcement
Retired and active members of the law enforcement community (for example, judges, prosecutors, peace officers, jailers) should refer to the Texas DPS instructions here.

Sterp 6: Submit Supporting Documents to Texas DPS

Submit Online
Click here to upload the documents directly to Texas DPS.

Step 7: Wait

Await processing by Texas DPS. Depending on the time of year, processing takes a few days to several weeks. Texas DPS will notify you by mail if further information or additional documents are required.